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Tones in Chinese 音调 (Learn Chinese - 学习中文)

Tones in Chinese

Four Tones

Tones in Chinese

1) Flat Tone (ā) 2) Rising Tone(á) 3) V Shaped Tone(ǎ) 4) Dropping Tone(à) 5) Neutral Tone(a)

  • When A Syllable Is Pronounced in Different Tonnes, It Has Different Meanings.

Pronounced in Different Tonnes and Meanings


1. bō pō bà pà mǒ

2. mú fú lǔ tòu kǎi

3. gāo bù hǎo dà yú

  • hóngde

  • fěnde

  • dìdi

  • mama

  • Dàshíguǎn

  • bàngōngshì

  • Fēijīchǎng

  • Líuxúeshēng

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