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Tools Names in Chinese | 工具 (Learn Chinese - 学习中文)

Tools Names in Chinese

  • luósīdāo 螺丝刀-screw driver

  • gōngjùxiāng工具箱-tool box

  • bānshǒu 扳手-spanner

  • chuízi 锤子-hammer

  • lúosīdīng 螺丝钉-screw

  • qíanzi 钳子-pliers

  • húodòng bānshǒu 活动扳手-adjustable Spanner

  • dìanzùan 电钻—drill

  • gāngjù 钢锯-hacksaw

  • xǐaozhèdāo 小折刀-pen knife

  • lúoshuān 螺栓-bolt

  • dīngzi 钉子-nail


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