Wild Animals in Chinese: Chinese Learning and Simple Way of Chinese

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Wild Animals in Chinese - 野生動物 (Learn Chinese)

Wild Animals in Chinese

  • 斑马 bān mǎ Zebra

  • 长颈鹿 cháng jǐng lù Giraffe

  • 大象 dà xiàng xiànghant

  • 袋鼠 dàishù. Kangaroo

  • 鳄鱼. è yú. Alligator

  • 河马. hé mǎ hippo

  • 黑豹. hēi bào Panther

  • 猴子 hóu zi monkey

  • 狐狸. hú li. Fox

  • 狼. Láng. Wolf

  • 老虎. lǎo hǔ. Tiger

  • 骆驼 luò tuo. Camel


1) what is snake?

2) what is monkey?

3) What is fox?

4) what is tiger?

5) what is hippo?

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