Competitive Exams Accountancy: Book Keeping and Accounting

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Difference between Book Keeping and Accounting

  1. Book keeping is just record of transaction, but accounting is huge science of recording, classification, analyze and summarizing of business transaction and interpretation of different result.
  2. A book keeper always works under head accountant and book keeper is often said account assistant.
  3. Calculation of tax and filling of tax return is the part of duties of accountant. But, he can take help from book keeper for tracking the total of the incomes of business.
  4. Book keeping is just like machine work in which book keeper passes the vouchers into books but accounting work is fully professional and need high experience for analysis and interpretation of financial statements.
  5. Most difficult part of book keeping work is to reconciliation of bank account with pass book, cash balance with physical cash in hand, stock in books with physical stock in Godown. Most difficult work of accountant is to make final account and analysis of financial statements.

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