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Title: Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Definition & Meaning

In an attempt to provide a framework for corporations desiring to invest in a sustainable development, the European Union produced a green paper on corporate social responsibility in 2001, which define corporate social responsibility as:

  • The voluntary integration of companies՚ social and ecological concerns into their business activities and their relationships with their stakeholders. Being socially responsible means not only fully satisfying the applicable legal obligations but also going beyond an investing ‘more’ in human capital, the environment and stakeholder relations
  • Corporate social responsibility is a sort of international private business self-regulation that tries to contribute to philanthropic, activist, or charitable societal goals by volunteering or supporting ethically oriented actions.
  • Corporate social responsibility could once be described as an internal corporation policy or a corporate ethics strategy, that time has passed as various international rules have been formed and many organizations have utilized their power to push it beyond individual or even industry-wide initiatives.
  • While it has long been regarded type of corporate self-regulation, it has evolved significantly from voluntary decisions at level of individual forms to required programs at the regional, national and worldwide levels in the last decade or so.
Corporate Social Responsibility

Types of Responsibility

  • Corporate
  • Environmental Efforts
  • Ethical Labour Practices
  • Social
  • Philanthropy
  • Volunteering
  • Labor & human rights

Objectives of CSR

Objectives of CSR

Examples of CSR Companies

Google Companies
TaTa Companies
Ultratech Cement Companies
Starbucks Companies

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