Competitive Exams: Computer Terminology A to B

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Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

A set of rules and guidelines that are set up to regulate Internet use and to protect the user

Active Cell

In a spreadsheet, the cell you are working in. The cell is identified by a thick dark border.


The way in which text lines up across a page. The text can be right-aligned, centered, left-aligned, or fullyaligned (justified).

Animated Clip Art

A moving clip art graphic


An application or program designed to scan or search disks or hard drives for viruses and repair files that it finds

Application or Software Computer program

Software that allows you to perform a task or solve a specific problem. Programs that allow you to accomplish certain tasks such as write letters, analyze numbers, sort files, manage finances, draw pictures, and play games.

Arrow Keys

The keys on the keyboard used to move the cursor up, down, left, or right.

Ascending Order

One of two ways to sort a database. Numbers are arranged from smallest to largest. Text is arranged in alphabetical order (A to Z) (See Descending)


A file you add to an email when you send it to someone else

Backup system

A way of storing data in more than one location.

Baud Rate

The speed at which data signals are sent and received by a modem. The higher the baud rate the faster data is transferred


A style of text that makes a letter or word darker and thicker to stand out in a document.


A type of virus designed to activate at a specific date and time on your computer


Software needed to be able to view information on the internet (See Internet Browser)

Button Bar or Toolbar

A horizontal strip of buttons near the top of a window which provides shortcuts for common commands. Some programs allow the user to hide or display the bar, and customize the buttons.


A hot spot used in multimedia applications to navigate from one place to another or to activate elements such as sound and animation.


A unit of storage usually made up of eight bits. It represents one character-a letter, digit, or symbol.