Competitive Exams: Computer Terminology E to F

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To make changes in a document or presentation and therefore make it better.


The ability to send and receive messages with a computer


The key used to begin a new line in a word processor, or to enter information into a spreadsheet or database. It is the same as clicking OK in the dialog box.

Entry bar

Where the contents of the active cell in a spreadsheet are displayed


A way to do a simple or complex search in a database to find record based on specific criteria.


Technology that prevents users from inappropriate websites and protects the network from unauthorized users

Floppy Disk

A portable magnetic storage medium for computer data that allows users to randomly access information.


The shape and style of text. Examples: Verdana, Arial, and Times New Roman.


To set margins, tabs, font, or line spacing in layout of a document. The way a document or piece of a document will look.


A set of instructions or directions in a particular spreadsheet cell that tells the computer exactly what mathematical operations to do


Software written and then donated to the public, so anyone is free to copy it and share it with their friends. This is not the same as shareware or commercial software, because those are supposed to be paid for: