Competitive Exams: Computer Terminology V to Z

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The intentional act of destroying computer files or computer networks.


A computer program designed to damage computer files

Web address

Universal Resource Locator (URL) Example:

Word Processing

Using keyboarding skills to produce documents such as letters, reports, manuals, and newsletters; used for documents that are largely text-based (words)

Word Processor

Provides the tools for entering and revising text, adding graphical elements, formatting and printing documents.

Word Wrap

When text automatically flows from one line to the beginning of the next line without the user having to press the Enter/Return key. The computer decides where the best place to begin the next new line is:


The typing area on your computer screen


A computer file designed to do damage that goes through a computer and possibly a network

WWW (world wide web)

One small part of the Internet that allows access to text, graphics, sound, and video. Free information can be found on the world wide web.


WYSIWYG is an acronym for “What You See Is What You Get” and is pronounced “wizzy wig.” WYSIWYG simply means that the text and graphics shown on your screen exactly match your printouts.