Big Data System Part 2 Computer Science YouTube Lecture Handouts

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1. What is data?

2. Types of big data

3. Structure data

4. Unstructured data

5. Semi structure

Introduction of Big Data

  • Big data is also a data which are very large in size. Big data means huge data that increases over time.
  • Big data term is used to describe a large amount of data.
  • Usually we work on megabytes and gigabytes size but the size of big data is in terabytes of Petabytes or Exabytes or even more.
  • Big data is in different formats that cannot be handled by traditional tools and applications and constantly increasing the size of this data.


Facebook՚s database generates more than 500 terabytes of data every day, this data is generated mainly by commenting photos and videos upload messages, etc.

Types of Big Data

Big Data ′ could be found in three forms:

Types of Big Data


  • Structure data is data that is well-organized and through which we can easily get information. Big data contains a large amount of data, out of which the data is well organized and can be easily stored, processed and analyse.
  • So structure data refers to highly organized information that can be used easily.
  • Structure data can be stored in tabular column such as relational database.
Structure Data

For example:

There are 5000 employees in an organization, maintaining data of all these employees, storing them, processing and analysing them so that we can easily get any information and take any decision. Because structure data is limited data and does not produce any confusion.

There are two source of structure data

There Are Two Source of Structure Data

Structure data

Structure Data


  • Unstructured data is opposite to the structured data. Unstructured data is un-organized data, which is very difficult to store, process and analyze.
  • This data is very large and unlimited, which is not easy to store and process. So this is not a tabular database.
  • Processing and analysing unstructured data is very difficult and time consuming.
Unstructured Data

For example:

Photos videos that are uploaded to social media such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are unstructured data. These data are on a very large scale and in very large quantities, which is not so easy to store, process and maintain.

There are two source of unstructured data

There Are Two Source of Unstructured Data



Semi- Structured

Semi-structured data is a combination of structure and unstructured data. This is called hybrid data. Hybrid data is the combination of organized and un-organized data. We cannot store of these type of data using traditional database format, but it contain some organizational properties.

Semi- Structured

For example:

  • For example, NoSQL documents are considered to be semi-structured, since they contain keywords that can be used to process the document easily.
  • XML data, JSON files, and others.
Semi- Structured


Q1. Which data is called hybrid data?


1. Organized data

2. Unorganized data

3. Combination of organized & unorganized data

4. None of this

Answer: 3

Q2 … Data can be stored in tabular column such as relational database.


1. Structure data

2. Unstructured data

3. Semi structure

4. None of this

Answer: 1