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Working of Message Switching :Advantages & Disadvantages (Computer Science)


  • Definition of Message Switching
  • Working of Message Switching
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • MCQs

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Message Switching

  • Message switching is also called as Store & Forward technique
  • In this mechanism, a node (usually a special computer) receives a message, stores it until the appropriate route is free, once the path becomes free, then it sends the message.
  • Store & forward is considered, because there is no direct link between sender and receiver.
  • A message is delivered to the node through one path then routed along another to its destination.

Working of Message Switching

Working of Message Switching

Advantages & Disadvantages of Message Switching


  • Traffic can be managed easily
  • Network is efficiently used
  • Even if receiver is down, the message can be sent easily


  • Delay in message delivery because due ti store and forward technique
  • Intermediate storage of data is costly


Q1. Which switching technique is used as Store & Forwarding if complete data by selecting a appropriate path:


1. Packet Switching

2. Circuit Switching

3. Message Switching

4. None of these

Answer: 2

Q2. A switched network consists of series of interlinked nodes, called:


1. Endpoints

2. Packets

3. Switches

4. links.

Answer: 3

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