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Multiplexing & De-Multiplexing: Concept with and Without the Use of Multiplexer (Computer Science)


  • Definition of Multiplexing
  • Definition of De-multiplexing
  • Understanding the concept with and without the use of multiplexer
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Multiplexer

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Definition of Multiplexing

  • It is defined as the combining process of information that the device is getting from the various sources in order to transmit it further to the channel or path to the receiver՚s side.
  • It uses headers, so that at de-multiplexing stage, it can be helpful to locate them to proper receiver՚s end
  • It provides unique identifier to every packet or data frame it send.

Diagram Without Use of Multiplexing

Diagram Without Use of Multiplexing

Diagram with Use of Multiplexing

Diagram with Use of Multiplexing

Definition of De-Multiplexing

  • De-Multiplexing means that the separation of the combined data into individual streams according to the sequence number or the unique identification number provided on the data packets that are being transferred from one side or workstation to the other.
  • It simply separates the combined data.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Multiplexing Technique


  • Reduces number of wires
  • Reduces complexity of structure
  • Reduces the cost
  • Reduces Cost


  • Delay in switching ports
  • Extra I/O ports required to control it


Q1. The device that divides the data into original and individual data is known as?


A. Decoder

B. De-Multiplexer

C. Multiplexer

D. Modifier

Answer: B

Q2. Which device is called as Many to one?


  1. Multiplexer
  2. Multiplexer-II
  3. De-Multiplexer
  4. MODEM

Answer: A

  • We learnt about:

#Definition of Multiplexing and its working

#Definition of De-Multiplexing and its working

#Data transfer without multiplexer

#Data transfer with the use of multiplexer

#Advantages and Disadvantages of Multiplexer