Discussion on Network Models & Layered Architecture for Competitive Exams 2019

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  • Network Model and its Working

  • Different Network Models- OSI and TCP/IP

  • Layered architecture

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Computer Network Model

Image of Computer Network Model

Image of Computer Network Model

Image of Computer Network Model

Different Computer Network Models

  • Computer Network Model: It is the structure and model or design which is used to perform communication between two networks.

  • OSI Reference Model

  • TCP/IP Model

    • OSI: It stands for ‘Open System Interconnection’ . It is the general purpose communication model in the computer network earlier days.

      • It is an ‘open source’ structure which means that it can be openly used for any environment and network easily for communication purpose.

      • It is a seven layered structured architecture.

    • TCP/IP: It stands for ‘Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol’.

      It is a four layered architecture model. Different layer is responsible for different task.

  • Layered Architecture:

    • Various computer network models like OSI,TCP/IP work on the layered architecture, which means that there will be various layers of the model.

    • There are different layers of a single model will be responsible for various different work and tasks.

Let us take an example.

In Layered Network Architecture, an entity of layer N uses only services of layer N-1.

Image of Computer Network Model

Image of Computer Network Model

Image of Computer Network Model

Layered Network Architecture


Q1. OSI Stands for __________


A. Open System Interconnection

B. Open Software Interconnection

C. Open System Internetworking

D. Open Session Interconnection

Answer: A

Q2.TCP/IP is a _____________Layered architecture model used in computer network.


A. 4

B. 3

C. 6

D. 7

Answer: A

Q3. TCP is


  1. Operated at data link layer

  2. Connection oriented and unreliable

  3. Connection oriented and reliable

  4. Connectionless and unreliable

Answer: C

We learnt about:

#Computer Network Model

#Layered Architecture

#Working of Layered Architecture

#OSI Model

#TCP/IP Model

We learn about other encoding techniques in further videos.

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