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  1. Definition of Noiseless Channel
  2. Types of Noiseless Channel Data Communication
    • Simplest Protocol
    • Stop & Wait Protocol
  3. Basic Terminologies related to communication.

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Definition of Noisy Channels & Its Types

  • Noiseless Channel: Noiseless Channel means that there will not any kind of disturbance in the path when data is carried forward from sender to receiver.
  • Types:
    • Simplest Protocol
    • Stop & Wait Protocol

Simplest Protocol

  • In this channel of communication, there will not be any need of error control or flow control, the reason being is that receiver will not be overwhelmed with the incoming packets of data to it.
  • It is unidirectional way of communication channel.

Stop & Wait Protocol

  • Frames are transmitted over data link layer of transmission model.
  • Here in Noiseless channel, there is flow control but there is no error control.
  • Data Frames or packets will be sent one after one by feedback or acknowledgement from the receiver.
Stop & Wait Protocol

Communication Terminologies

  1. Bandwidth: It is the frequency or range in which the data can be transferred in a media whether in wired or wireless media. It can also called as bit-rate or capacity of transmission.
  2. Throughput: It is a performance testing measure. It simple means that how many events are performed per unit time.
  3. Latency: It is the elapsed time or used time to transfer the data from sender to receiver.


Q1. Define throughput


  1. Operations performed with clock signals
  2. Events performed with respect to time
  3. Events performed with respect to area covered
  4. Operations needed

Ans: 2.

Q2. Stop & Wait protocol best defined by which of the following statement?


  1. Sender waits for the error control in the path then sends the data
  2. Sender waits for feedback from the receiver then transmits more packets
  3. Sender stops sending data if having a large number of packets to send
  4. Sender sends data collectively in one frameset

Ans: 2.

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