Discussion on OSI Reference Model & Its Protocol for Competitive Exams 2021

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  • Introduction on OSI
  • Different layers of OSI
  • Architecture of OSI
  • Working of OSI
  • Protocols working in OSI Model

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Introduction on OSI

  • OSI stands for ‘Open System Interconnection’
  • It was established in 1970 by ISO i.e.. International Standards Organisation .
  • It is an ‘open source’ structure which means that it can be openly used for any environment and network easily for communication purpose.
  • It is a seven layered structured architecture.

Seven Layers of OSI Model

Seven Layers of OSI Model

Architecture of OSI Model & Working

Image Of

Protocols Working in 7 Layers of OSI

Protocols Working in 7 Layers of OSI


Q1. UDP Stands for ________


1. User Data Protocol

2. User Datagram Protocol

3. User Data Process

4. User Data Processing

Answer: 2

Q2. HTTP works at which layer of OSI Model?


1. Transport Layer

2. Application Layer

3. Session Layer

4. Physical Layer

Answer: 2

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