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  • Definition of Packet Switching
  • Working of Packet Switching
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Two Approaches under Packet Switching:
    • Datagram Approach
    • Virtual Circuit Approach

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Packet Switching

  • In Packet Switching, data are transmitted in discrete units of potentially variable length blocks called as packets.
  • It is a digital networking communication
  • Each packet will have the necessary control information such as:
    • Priority codes
    • Source address
    • Destination address and data

Working of Packet Switching

The packets with data and controlling information will be sent over the network from node to node i.e.. source to destination. At each node, the packets are stored and forwarded. When the packet is forwarded, it get arranged in proper sequence and its destination address


Diagrammatic Representation of Packet Switching Working

Packet Switching Working

Advantages & Disadvantages of Packet Switching


  • Devices with different speed can easily communicate in this type of switching technology and network
  • Security
  • Line failures don՚t affect the communication as there are multipath paths to reach the destination
  • Bandwidth of the entire channel is used appropriately.


  • Initial and Configuration Cost
  • If Packet is lost, sender has to resend the packet.

Datagram Approach

  • Packets are treated independently from all others.
  • Even when one packet represents just a piece of a multi-packet transmission, the network treats it as through it existed alone.

Virtual Circuit Approach

  • The relationship between all packets belonging to a message or session is preserved.
  • A single path is chosen at the beginning of session, to send the data. All the packets will be sent through it.


Q1. In which switching technique, the communication is not affected by the line failure.


1. Packet Switching

2. Circuit Switching

3. Path Switching

4. Message Switching

Answer: 1

Q2. Data packets are stored and forwarded to a particular destination in a network in:


1. Circuit Switching

2. Message Switching

3. Protocols

4. Packet Switching

Answer: 4

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