For the Motion-Gender Inequality Exists in Mind Not in Practice

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For the Motion

Man & woman are both complementary to each other and perhaps Lord Shiva as ‘Ardhanarishvari’ would have been the first authentic thought advocating equal participation of man & woman in building social structure

Sit, Gender inequalities which exist in mind are in the form of physical & genetic differences. It is there but at a micro level. At the macro level there isn՚t any inequality because in the development of human civilization. There has been equal participation of both the gender in all the worldly affairs. A great poet has rightly said-

“Lives of great ones all remind us, we can make our lives Sublime, & Departing leave behind us, Footprints on the Sand of time”

Human records available so for clearly reveal. The Fact that the share of woman among these great ones has been so important that it can never be ignored

Right from the beginning according to Hindu Mythology the three deities of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh have owed their creation to Ma Bhubenshwari of Course, in the absence of woman no one can owe their Creation to the worldly earth. Striving of Jerusalem, queen Blach of France, Noorjahan the queen of Jahangir, Chandbibi of Ahmednager & Ahilaya Bai of Holkar have stood the test of time and have set up glorifying examples before us. The qualities of leadership, administration & excellence are yet being imitated. Coming to the recent world Indira Gandhi, The PM of India, Margret Thracter of Britain, Khalida Zia of Bangladesh are live examples of women՚s participation in practical politics and many known & unknown personalities with regard their excellence in nearly every step of life.

Going through all these facts the theory advocated by Michael Foucault which states that women has always been man՚s dependent and the two have never shared the world in equality. Man the sovereign would provide woman the liege with material protection but she must accept the moral constraints of confinement. can՚t stand valid in the present scenario and is rather discarded.

Let us pause & ponder over the day to day examples-

My opponent՚s stress their point saying woman don՚t enjoy equal right. don՚t girls avail equal opportunity not only in all types of education but also in every day to day walks of life.

One of the research at community resource management and extension Department of Lady Ervin college reveals the fact that women are much more enthusiastic than men. In a survey regarding people՚s participation in local administration due to decentralization.

In panchayati Raj, in our country women are playing an important role in building up the nation. At national level there are women sarpanches most of their have worked so efficiently that the shape of village has changed to a model village. US president Mr. Bill Clinton՚s appreciation for such cooperative credit societies run by women is the village Nayla near Jaipur is a well Known Fact.

I would like to remind the audience something which is very close to ever body & automatically brings out a very strong response from each & every one of us. The assault on Indian parliament or 13 December a women police constable Kamleshwari who was the first of all to prevented the terrorist and in the fight laid down her life to protect the well wisher of our nations & our national dignity.

All there clearly deplete the fact that there isn՚t any disparity in practice for women & the women of the world have set up glorifying example before us.

So Friends, it is for you & all.

“Before you is endless possibility, Around you in boundless opportunity, Within you is infinite power, & so why Should you fear?”

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