Debate Topic: POTO is the Only Measure to Root Out Terrorism from India

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For the motion-POTO is the only measure to root out terrorism from India

It is a fact that hate as a product of fanaticism make terrorist blind and thoughtless. Their attitude are so hardened & minds so wrapped that they develop an element of masochistic bravado which encourages them to kill or get killed. Terrorism begins at first as petty crimes, escalating into heinous Crime & finally quite near to insurgency. The above fact is quite clean from the following quote.

During the last two decades terrorism has become a pinching have to the world. Especially in India it emerged strongly by getting shelter & help from powerful state. It has created a grave Situation not only in the state of J & K but also in the neighboring of Punjab and UP. The present laws are not so effective so as to combat this evil. Terrorism in India has taken the lives of thousands of young people, making women widows, children fatherless and lakhs of people are rendered homeless.

So to tackle this heinous insurgency and organized crime one needs to have an ordered way to get rid of it. To pull out the harmful weed by its roots, the promulgation of POTO was approved by Union Cabinet on Oct 16 after the terrorists attack on the Legislative Assembly of Kashmir and the 13 December assault on Indian Parliament its inaction through Legislative mandate is sure to be made.

In my opinion, POTO is the only measure to root out terrorism prevailing in India. We know that, within a period of 7 days after its approval about 25 terrorists ′ outfits active in J & K & north East have been banned. This could not have been done with the prevailing laws.

While providing safeguards its spells out new offences under which disclosure of information regarding terrorists is made an offence. Its principal objective is to choke thin known & hidden resources. This step helps and become much more important when the terrorists attack on our nation & world is so organized & planned.

Its opponents talk of curbing terrorism without enaction of POTO which appears mere joke in present Scenario. If the hidden resources of the terrorists are not known, their capture becomes all the more difficult.

Through this, investigators are empowered to intercept bank transaction or cash flow through postal orders. Law enforcement agencies are now empowered to seize immovable property if they suspect that it will be used for terrorist activity. In this case relevant records & documents have to be produced within 48 hours.

POTO produced punishment to police in case of wrongful arrests. Existing laws are not meant for fighting an organized crime. Such a crime perpetuated by hostile foreign nations & agencies require a fighting at different level then any ordinary law all this, no doubt clarifies the fact that Indians have much higher accord of vigilance enstringed within them to cope with:

The opponents themselves know its importance but are simply making politics to meet their selfish ends. Moreover to pacify the doubts if any a watchdog board or a Judiciary update should be made to hinder any crime against innocents.

The only thing we now need is to mend our fences, set our houses & sit tight. A good homely proverb rightly exhibits the full active mechanism of follow it is rightly to succeed.

‘Stick to your guns & rest will automatically follow’

It is high time now, to strive against any loopholes in the procedure & for the welfare of the nation mean polities should be outraged self-motives of the ministerial Body should not interrupt a normal ongoing process.

‘By mutual aid & confidence Great deeds are done & Great discoveries are made’

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