Debate Topic: Should the VHP Build the Ram Temple at Ayodhya?

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For the Motion

  • The ancestors of Most people, Muslims and Non-Muslims who have been the sufferers in brutal hands of the invaders like Babar, Who demolished the Ram temple at Ayodhya and erected a mosque, had played with the Sentiments and emotions of the residents of Ayodhya both Muslims & Hindus. Only the government sponsored handliness must have opposed the Hindus. The local Muslims perhaps were never a part of it and only after the aftereffects of inversion being mullified the place was given full regards by Hindus the worked over. Now, VHP is planning is rectify the past Shortcoming which is a must.
  • Ayodhya has been a place of worship of Hindus since time before. It owes to the Birth of Lord Ravan mentioned in Ramayana epic as a religious preacher of eternity and Babri Masjid as a Symbol of Baber. Cannot be compared in any way as they aren՚t contemporary to one another and so the present situation seens quite ridiculous.
  • According to Muslim beliefs, a masjid build on any other religious land after acquisition cannot be used for purpose of “Mamas” & so is the case with Ram Birth place at Ayodhya. Whereas no such cases has been recorded for its use by Hindus. Hence, there is no reason why VH? shouldn՚t build Ram Temple at Ayodhya.
  • Ayodhya is intimately linked to the name of lord Rama who is the breath of every Hindu-in good or worse every situation a Hindu is committed to say and express one՚s feeling as “Hai Ram” The only opposers are those who are nourished by the political bock up having no solid grounds. Who themselves recite “Hai Rama” at times of need but just for selfish motives create a mass up surge. In such a situation VHP is during an excellent job to make then aware of their rights and a counselling to go for it.
  • As oxygen is the element of survival for humans so is the Rama Temple at the Ayodhya the essence of each Hindu՚s Sentiments. Hence, the Striven Act by VHP which at many times has been supported by court order is no doubt, a pavement to reach for what the Hindu՚s are planning from time immemorial down the lane of History.

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