Debate Topic: Should Education be Privatized?

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Against the motion

  • The private institutes enrol all those who can mater the donation & fee Standards and thus mug up quantity of students and the quality remains for in dump. What if, if these incapable students are given good technological knowledge? Can they surpass the quality?
  • It is quite a fact ‘one can have one՚s dream come true if the pockets are full’ and this materialistic approach towards the goal. Private institutes with above aim fail to develop a ‘value based quality approach’
  • After all privatization should be stopped because we need to see that even the poorest of the poor reaps advantage of the system & It is the call of the hour to search talents from the least cared off sections of the society. It is then only that India will be developed externally and internally strong to face any foreign challenge.
  • In fact, real aim of education is a willingness to Critics, change them if necessary and willingness to strive for the best in every field, willingness to maintain the quality for specialization & diversification of our resources which these private undertaking fail to provide.

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