Against the Motion: Should We Stop Celebrating Valentine՚s Day?

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  • In era of globalization & modernization one cannot stick to the ongoing traditions and customs. With the means of Internet world has turned to be a global village where intermixing has become a part of life. Until it is made possible, one can՚t strive in the progressing era.
  • Expressing feeling is a part of human behavior and it is good fact that inserted of Celebrating it round the year a specific day has been recognized for this purpose.
  • The havoc created by the so called Conventions and traditional people about Valentine՚s Day seems to be ridiculous. They call it a mark of immodesty. Whereas the festival Holi or Dhulendi Celebrated in India is apparently obscene but been recognized and also culturally sheltered.
  • Whatever is followed in a right sense cannot lead to destruction. If healthy side of any fact is taken into consideration it will surely nourish a positive feeling among the masses. We must have the willingness to accept and willingness to give a right shape, aloofness cannot lead to progress.
  • It popularity is growing last among the persone of high age group who consider this day as an way to express themselves. Their understanding, cooperation and give a path which their youngsters might imitate.
  • This festival is thriving many companies & small times and providing employment in production & marketing sectors. Hence, there isn՚t anything wrong in celebrating such festivals.

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