Should Women be Permitted to Join Fighting Corps of Armed Forces?

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For the Motion

  • I strongly agree to the point that women must be permitted to join fighting corps of Armed Forces. When we speak of empowerment of women for socio-politico-economic rights in every field why to exempt, this field from the criteria. It leads to self security, self dependence & self-confidence among women along with the prevention of Social crimes.
  • If there are women in the opposite force attacking the country, it is a must that we have a well trained women force to defend against any of the external aggressions.
  • Again, to handle the ever rising demon of terrorism in which many women activists are involved, it is a must that our force must have women power to curb it.
  • In a democratic country like ours, citizens enjoy equal right to live and to protect and defend the country. Then why such a right is given only to a section of the society which predominates it! It is not that women have same nationalist falings as the men have. At the time of India՚s independence there were a number of women freedom fighters who laid an equal helping hand in the Struggle. So why not today. When they have an equal hard working zeal, Spirit, will power and enthusiasm why aren՚t they permitted to utilize it to the fullest. A country can progress only when all Sections of the Society are equally represented and so will India.