Traditions Act as Barrier in Path of Progress-Against the Motion

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Against the Motion

In words of Mahatma Gandhi- ‘I would welcome all cultures to be blown about my house but I refuse to be blown off my fact by any.’

What are traditions? Traditions are social norms which develop along with the development of civilization. They shape the society & care pillars of cultural network on which nation survives, flourishes & builds its own heritage. Traditions teach us that.

Openness must not be of attire but of perception.

Acceptance must not be of wrong ways but honest & practical means.

Goal not of fulfillment but of achievement.

Spirit not Swanky but morale.

Aim not to find a prime rose path but to carve a niche.

Traditions set the limitations not the bondages, they act as horizon and not as Lakshman Rakha.

I would like to ask my opponents that if traditions act as barrier will the present ‘Panch-Tatva’ of pizza, Pepsi, Party, Patty & Pastry lead us to progress.

Traditional practices of yoga, pranic healing, reiki & meditation have now opened new vistas for progress. Can you imagine a life without Society in Solitude? Of course no! It is only & only traditions which bind our Society by promoting social harmony, happiness, get-together, concern for a common cause, increasing communication, making us busy so as to reduce tensions, means to utilize our leisure time, provide motive to become exclusive, help to search abilities of an individual & last but not the least provide a firm base for healthy competitive environment.

Our Vedas, Upanishads & religious holy books act to clear the haze in front of us. Worldwide each country has its own way of living, its own Customs, its own rites & rituals and traditions and only these are source of attraction for tourist across the gloze. The ancient

Many Governmental and non-governmental organizations are engaged to promote the came the recent launch of Jaipur Virasat is a live example which has attracted many Indian and foreign tourist only one on the basis of our preserved traditions headlines of today՚s paper.

And medieval civilizations have innumerous examples of temples, shrines, mosques & pyramids when traditions were at their peak these have boosted the economy & flourished trade and business there. Now in an era of declining traditions can any one of us site any example which has been a matter of such a great flourishing industry leading to progress? If it acts as barrier is the NGO՚s worldwide & governmental organizations crazy which & providing funds to maintain & preserve these heritage & promote in global market. Many Culture zones are established for the cause. Renovation of the Ankor Vat temple in Cambodia by Indian government is a live example of the cause.

India us a land of 365 days festival Mewar festival, Kumba Mela, Mysore Dushere & a lot of such gathering all over the country act as means of social brotherhood and lead to economic boost. As kharvachooth, Gangor symobolises Indian traditions; Valentine ′ s Day MotheR ′ Day symbolizes European traditions. Both specify Specific lands but are ultimately means of get-together & economic boom and a way to progress.

Traditional foods products such as lassi is much more nutritive & vital can it be compared to a coke?

Gurukuls are being lost in the dreary desert of today՚s baseless education which neither provides quality nor the ethical and moral principles as discipline, punctuality, workaholic work culture and Spirit to make him an enlightened citizen. Our past gurukuls & ashrams have generated many incomparable Scholars which present era fails to do progress halts when traditions values of forgiveness, acceptance, openness, Flexibility & kindness-find a setback to selfishness, vanity, adulation & meanness.

Human mentality has now become testimony to materialistic lives.

Joint Family losing way to nuclear Family-is it a progress.

Traditional outfits losing way to western outfits-is it a progress.

Traditional festivals losing way to present discotheques-is it a progress.

Our traditions teaches us that we do not want such a progress. A progress which cannot wipe off the tears of a poor man՚s eye, which cannot give food to the hungry and which divides instead of uniting.

By the upcoming Sanskrit quote-I would better clarify my views:

So Let us Hope for the Best & work for the Best.

Is not Dharmada that is, keeping a part of profit for charity a part of tradition which helps for hospitals, Libraries, Learning Centres, day care centres, rehabilitation camps lead to progress.

People in small scale industry are employed in for traditional needs i.e.. . Agarbattis, idols, Rakhis Kites, candles act as means of employment generation & lead to progress what the opposition of days that boys are ranked higher to girls it is only traditions which teach no that