For-War is the Only Solution to Pak Sponsored Terrorism in India

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For the Motion

Laws when sunk deep in the marsh

Peace is hanged & terror is spread

They need to be crushed by hook or crook

No matter the efforts appear quite harsh.

It is a matter of fact that hate as a product of fanaticism make terrorists blind & thoughtless. Their attitudes are so hardened & minds so wrapped that they develop an element of masochistic bravado which encourages them to kill or even get killed. Terrorism begins at first as pretty crimes escalating into heinous crime & finally quite near to insurgency.

Since 1947, Pakistan has been plotting against India to Capture Kashmir which has been are integral part of our country. They attacked the state in year in year 1947& when Maharaja of Kashmir acceded the state on 26 October 1947, India send her Forces to Liberate it. A large part of it was fred & as per direction of Security council cease fire was declared & nearly about one-third of the state part remained under the clutches of Pak in 1965 & 1971 wars. She decided to capture Sate by force & as such adopted evil ways to instigate people, to raise terrorists groups, train them and them active in different parts of J & K.

During the last 3 decades, terrorism has emerged as an insidious worm which is tightly coiled round the intestine of the world. Thousands of innocents haves been slaughtered to death. Every year Hundreds of army & Police personnel՚s are killed. What merely is done is to give financial aid to their families and Crores of Ruppees has been spent to solve this problem but all in vain. Many rounds of peace summits & talks have been held since the Pact of 1972. Our P. M Mr. A. B Vajpayee offered a lot of concessions to Pak in trade, communication. He started the Lahore Bus Service and at the recent Agra Summit with Gen Musharraf he warmly welcomed him as a part of the Indian Tradition “Atidhi Devo Bhav” But it proved to be a disaster. Mr. Vajpayee slow & ponderous of speech & body didn՚t want to talk of Kashmir but Gen Musharraf ran circles around him in debate. Verbally he was the victor & managed to have the last word for him. He threw the breakfast party for press after Mr. Vajpayee had fallen silent & tidal after a brief intermission the killings went on. With such a disgust & humiliation in our own nation. There is no more scope left for peace negotiations. What is left now is to achieve success against this heinous act by hook or crook, there POTD՚s & TADA laws are in every way. Violation of the gross human rights and at the dower of the day they would prove to be much more counterproductive.

History does not deny the fact that when evil rises to the peak, it is sure to be dismantled. One of the example I would like to quote is from British period when the people of central India were harassed by the Pindaris and the princely states could not suppress them & ultimately to Lord Wellesley engaged armed force to curb them and to route them out:

After the attack on WTC on 11 September America has declared that all the countries providing Shelter to terrorist after should be curbed. And if it is so, India՚s war is totally justified.

Recently, the 13 December assault on Indian Parliament has made it clear to the whole nation & even world that they don՚t understand the language of peace.

Now the Question is, how to curb these Pak Sponsored terrorists and protect our innocent masses from their cruel desires? The only way which now become clear is to use force & demolish all such camps lying in Ajad Kashmir & Pak. A war-A war to save humanity, a war to foster peace, a war to live & let live, a war which will prove a boon for this civilization. Only need now is to ‘Stick to the guns & root wili automatically follow’

let՚s not forget-Joy shall be ours

In the garden blest

Where after storm

We find our rest.