Competitive Exams: First in Space

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  • The first persons in the-Neil A. Armstrong world to land on the moon and Edwin E. Addrin Jr. Of USA (Armstrong was the first to set foot on the moon followed by Addrin) July 21,1969.
  • The first man enter space-Yuri Gagarin or enter space or the (Russian) world՚s first Cosmonaut
  • The first returnable space-Columbia shuttle
  • The first disabled-Solar Max. Satellite repaired in space
  • The first mission of a Iink--Apollo-Soyuz Test up in space by manned Project Mission space ships of the USA (ASTP) -launched the Soviet Union ched on July 15 and linked up on July 17,1975.
  • The first unmanned moon-Luno khod-I buggy to explore surface (USSR) of the moon
  • The first unmanned space-Luna 16 (USSR) ship to have soft landed and lifted off from the moon to return to earth
  • The first manned space-Lunar Exploration vehicle to land on the Module (LEM) moon nicknamed ‘Eagle’
  • The first country to send USA men to the moon
  • The first spaceship which-Appollo II-carried three American named astronauts to land two of ‘Columbia’ Them on the moon
  • The first to launch earth-USSR satellite or ‘artificial baby moon’
  • The first woman cosmo--Valentina Tereshnaut of the world kova (Russian)
  • The first person to float in-Alexei Leonov space (Russian)
  • The first American-Edward White astronaut (and second person in the world) to float in space
  • The first Russian-Late Col Vladimir Cosmonaut to make two space flight
  • The first American-Gordon Cooper astronaut to make two (USA) space flights
  • The first country to launch-USSR a cosmic space rocket toward moon
  • The first space rocket to hit the moon Lunik II
  • The first spaceship in the-Surveyor-3 (USA) world to sample Moon՚s crust
  • The first space vehicle to-Luna-9 (USSR) soft-land on Moon
  • The first space vehicle to-Luna-10 (USSR) orbit the Moon
  • The first space rocket-Zond-5 brought back to earth after encircling the moo. n
  • First crew transfer between-Soyuz-4 and orbiting spaceships Soyuz-5 (USSR)
  • The frrst manned spaceship-Apollo-8 (USA) to perform the longest stay-in space (I 1 days)
  • The frrst manned spaceship-Apollo-8 (USA) to perform space flight round the moon
  • The first American-Apollo-9 (USA) manned spaceship to perform crew transfer in space
  • The first space-craft to Pioneer II. Leave solar system

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