Establishment of Various Financial Institutions and Various Acts and Their Enactment Years

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Establishment of Various Financial Institutions

Establishment of Various Financial Institutions
1.Reserve Bank of India1934
2.Industrial Finance Corporation of India1948. Sick financial institution.
4.SBI1955. Nationalized
5.Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)1956
6.Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI)1964
7.Unit Trust of India (UTI)1964
9.General Insurance Corporation (GIC)1972
11.SEBI (Replaced Controller of Capital Issue)1988 Functional in 1992
12.Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)1990. Subsidiary of IDBI

Various Acts & Their Enactment Years

Various Acts & Their Enactment Years
1.Banking Regulation Act1949
2.Industries (Development & Regulation) Act1951
5.Negotiable Instrument Act1981
7.Competition Act2002
Various Acts & Their Enactment Years
1.Print Media26 % (Recent)
2.Defense Sector26 % (Recent)
3.Private Sector Banking, Radio (FM)74 %
4.Insurance26 %
5.Telecommunications74 %
6.Trading51 %
7.Power, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Road and highways, Ports

and harbours, Hotel & Tourism, Advertising, Films, Mass Rapid Transport Systems, Pollution Control & Management, Special Economic Zones, Petroleum Refining (Private Sector)

Construction Development, Non-Banking Financial Companies.

100 %
8.Airports74 %
9.Domestic Airlines49 %
10.Agriculture (including plantation except tea) , Atomic Energy, Railways (except Mass Rapid transport system)Not Allowed
11.Tea Plantation100 %

Organization and Their Survey

Organization and Their Survey
1.World Economic & Social SurveyU. N
2.World Investment ReportUNCTAD
3.Global Competitiveness ReportWorld Economic Forum
4.World Economic OutlookIMF
5.Business Competitive IndexWorld Economic Forum
6.Green IndexWorld Bank
7.Business Confidence IndexNCAER
8.Poverty RatioPlanning Commission
9.Economic SurveyMinistry of Finance
10.Wholesale Price IndexMinistry of Industry
11.National Account Statisticscso
12.World Development IndicatorWorld Bank
13.Overcoming Human PovertyUNDP
14.Global Development ReportWorld Bank

Mille Mum Development Goals

Mille Mum Development Goals
1.Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
2.Achieve universal primary education
3.Promote gender equality and empower women
4.Reduce child mortality
5.Improve maternal health
6.Combat IllY/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases
7.Ensure environmental sustainability
8.Develop a global partnership for development

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