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Rural Development Approach

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Gandhian Model of Swaraj

  • According to Gandhiji, Concentration of either economic or political power would violate essential principles of participatory democracy and of Swaraj. So, concentration should be avoided and everyone should be given equal opportunity.
  • The aims should be economic self-reliance, social equality and a decentralized political system at the village level.
  • Gandhi believed in developing and fostering rural economy and infrastructure for employment generation so that migration to Cities could be controlled and rural economy could foster.

Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas (PURA)

  • Approach given by APJ Abdul Kalam. Under this, cluster development system has been adopted to develop rural areas wherein 50 - 100 villages with common competencies or mutual markets could be horizontally or vertically integrated as PURA complexes.
  • The approach stressed for connecting villages by “four connectivity՚s” — physical (roads) , electronic (Communication networks, Internet) , knowledge (Educational institution) and economic.
  • These will ensure all round development and thus will provide income and quality of life to all within PURA complexes.
  • This approach will also reduce rural to urban migration.

Nanaji Deshmukh՚s Model of Integral Humanism

  • Integral Humanism insist that every humans՚ life is embodiment of harmonization not only in body, mind, and intellect but in all spheres of life, such as sharing duties as well as rights on a human-to-human, individual-to-family, family-to-society, society-to-nation basis etc.
  • Under the model, collective social consciousness that promotes collective well-being was considered an important requirement for next-generation rural development.

Practice Question

Q. With reference ton PURA scheme consider the following statements.

1. It was propounded by APJ Abdul Kalam.

2. It stressed on 4 connectivity՚s. i.e.. , Physical, Knowledge, electronic and Economic.

Which of the following options are correct.

A. Both 1 and 2

B. Only 2

C. Neither 1 and 2

D. Only 1

Answer: option A



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