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Rural Development Policies

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Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana

  • It was launched in December 2000, for providing connectivity through a single all weather road. It is a centrally sponsored scheme.
  • The programme also provides for upgradation of the existing ‘Through Routes’ and ‘Major Rural Links’ (MRL) .
  • E-Marg software has been launched for maintenance of roads.
  • Phase-III was of the Yojna was approved (2019 - 2024) with set of targets like
  • Consolidation of 1,25, 000 Km road length in the States, Priority to GrAMs which are retail agricultural markets in close proximity to the farm gate, Priority to linking schools, colleges.

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA)

  • It aims at enhancing the livelihood of people in rural areas by guaranteeing hundred days of unskilled work with wage in a year to a rural household.
  • The central government bears the full cost of wages. In case a person does not get employment then unemployment allowance is paid.
  • It is a demand-driven implying work on demand, social security and labour law that aims to enforce the ‘right to work’ .
  • Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) , monitors the implementation of the scheme.
  • Under the act, Agriculture and allied activities constitute more than 65 % of the works undertaken. E. g. , watershed development, tanks, wells, roads, storage houses etc.


  • Wages to be paid within a fortnight. 1/3 beneficiaries should be women
  • If the work provided is beyond 5 Kms, the job seekers shall be given 10 % of the minimum wages as additional amount
  • The village community has the right to choose works under 8 permissible categories of works
  • The registered job card holders can seek employment by giving a group/individual application
  • A minimum of 10 job seekers shall apply to sanction a new work under MGNREGA
  • Applicable for all villages in the District
  • Every rural household has the right to register under MGNREGA
  • SECURE (Software for Estimate Calculation Using Rural Rates for Employment) under MGNREGS was launched. The portal has helped in creating a transparent system as administrative approval and technical sanction are done online.
  • It has also enabled field functionaries can track the progress, remove obstacles and speed up whole process of workflow.


  • Survey of Villages and Mapping with Improvised Technology in Village Areas.
  • The scheme will help to map rural inhabited land using drone technology and latest mapping tools.
  • The scheme will create land ownership records in villages and these records will further facilitate tax collection, approval for new building plan and issuance of permits.
  • It will enable the government to effectively plan for the infrastructural programs in villages and cases related to delays in property acquisition will also come down.
  • It will not only reduce the disputes over property but will also enable rural household to use land as an asset to get loans easily and cheap.

Practice Question

Q 1. The SVAMITVA Scheme recently launched is related to:

1. Urban Employment

2. Land records management

3. Credit to SHG՚s

4. None of these

Answer: option 2

Q 2. Consider the following statements 1. MGNREGS fulfills the constitutional rights in India.

2. MGNREGA is to be implemented mainly by gram panchayats.

Which of the above statements are correct

A. Both 1 and 2

B. only 2

C. Only 1

D. Neither 1 and 2

Answer: Option A


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