CBSE & TETRA Software (Important for NET Paper 1) YouTube Lecture Handouts for Competitive Exams 2021

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CBSE & TETRA Software (Important for NET Paper 1) - Better Level Playing Field for Students


  • Theory Evaluation Trend Analysis software
  • Study trend of marks across regions
  • Display live trend of average marks across centers
    • Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to establish a better level playing field for students who feel excessively panelized by an unbalanced difficult question paper.
    • Used for moderation of marks in case any unfair degree of ambiguity or difficulty in the question paper.
    • The CBSE had also used the TETRA software last year when it verified all quarters after the maths and economics papers for class 10 and class 12 respectively were leaked.
  • Used To Ensure Level Playing Field For Students In Examinations
    • Developed by CBSE՚s own team
    • Whenever we spot any deviation from the norm, we call up that centre and probe if there were complaints about the question paper
  • Measures taken by CBSE against paper leaks:
    • The board has applied precautions since then to avoid paper leaks. No details of the defence system have been revealed.

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