Central Sanskrit Universities Bill, 2019 YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Central Sanskrit Universities Bill, 2019

3 Deemed to be Sanskrit Universities

  • Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi
  • Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidya Peeth, New Delhi
  • Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidya Peeth, Tirupati.
  • Converted to Central Sanskrit Universities

Objectives of New Bill

  • Impart Sanskrit knowledge
  • Promote Sanskrit
  • Integrated courses on humanities
  • Train labor for overall development


  • Conduct training
  • Grant degree, diploma, & certificate
  • Confer autonomous status
  • Provide instruction for education in Sanskrit
  • Tribunal of Arbitration

Any dispute arising out the disciplinary action taken by the University against a student may be referred to a Tribunal of Arbitration at the request of the student. Disputes arising out of the contract between an employee and the University may also be referred to the Tribunal. The Tribunal will consist of: (i) one member appointed by the Executive Council, (ii) one member nominated by the employee or student concerned, and (iii) an umpire appointed by the Visitor.

Composition of University

  • Court to review policies
  • Executive council
  • Academic & activity council
  • Board of Studies
  • Finance Committee
  • Planning & Monitoring Board

Council will have 15-member s with 2 eminent Sanskrit scholars

The President of India will be the Visitor of the University.

Any student or candidate whose name has been removed from the rolls of the University and who has been barred from appearing for examinations may appeal to the Executive Council for review of the decision.

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