Dialogic Discourses: Classroom Discourse Its Nature and Significance, Role of Teacher

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  • Dialogic Discourse is the continual dialogue between a speaker and the listener.
  • It includes intellectual openness, possibilities for critique and creative thought.

Classroom interaction involves following steps

Classroom Interaction Involves Following Steps

Classroom Discourse and Its Nature

  • This Discourse represents an interaction between teachers and learners and that of between learners and learners.
  • An isolated discourse domain is formed where teachers and students construct the understanding of their roles and relationships.
  • Students must develop the communicative competence to be successful.
  • Both the Teachers and Students enjoy powers thereby bringing their own agenda to the classroom

Significance of Classroom Discourse

  • Clarity and Distinctiveness in the speech.
  • During interaction, teachers can identify the talent, intelligence and excellence of the pupils.
  • Learners get the opportunity to do something innovative in their subjected area.
  • Learners also get the opportunity to speak and probe during the interaction along with the new topics of interaction.

Role of a Teacher

  • A Teacher is responsible for keeping the learning atmosphere congenial.
  • A Teacher can motivate the students to develop innovative ideas, plans and strategies.
  • The study gesture and body language of the students can be studied by the Teacher.

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