Education: Meaning, Aims and Importance of Education in Modern India

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Education is the aggregate of all the processes by which a person develops ability , attitude and other forms of behavior of practical value in the society in which he lives . The social process by which people are subjected to the influence of a selected and controlled environment so that they may obtain social competence and optimum individual development.


Meaning of Education

Meaning of Education
  • Education means modification of behavior
  • Education is a conscious process to train the child for fulfilling the responsibilities of adult life .
  • Education is growth.
  • Education is the reconstruction or reorganization of experience
  • Education is construction agency for improving society
  • Education is emancipation from ignorance
  • Education is dynamic process.
Meaning of Education
  • Narrow meaning of Education
  • Wider Meaning of Education
Narrow and Wider Education

Aims of Education

  • Importance of Educational Aims
  • Criteria of sound Educational Aims
Aims of Education

Aims of Education in Modern India

  • Knowledge Aim
  • Character Building Aim
  • Vocational Aim
  • Cultural Aim
Aims of Education in Modern India
  • Individual Aim
  • Social Aim
  • Spiritual Aim
Aims of Education
  • Democratic Aim
  • Harmonious Development Aim
Importance of Education

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