INDEST Indian National Digital Library in Engineering Sciences and Technology

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  • In 2003 by MHRD
  • Enrolls engineering & Technological institutes
  • Renamed in 2005
  • The IIT Delhi has been designated as the Consortium Headquarters to coordinate its activities. The Consortium enrolls engineering and technological institutions as its members and subscribes to electronic resources for them at discounted rates of subscription and favorable terms and conditions.
  • The Ministry provides funds required for subscription to electronic resources for 62 centrally funded Government institutions including IITs, IISc Bangalore, NITs, IIITs, IIMs and few other Institutions that are considered as core members of the Consortium.
  • The benefit of consortia-based subscription to electronic resources is not confined to its core members but is also extended to all educational institutions under its open-ended proposition.
  • 60 Govt. / Govt. - aided engineering colleges are provided access to selected electronic resources with financial support from the AICTE and 1015 engineering colleges and institutions have joined the Consortium under its self-supported category.
  • The total number of members in the Consortium has now grown to 1269.
  • Consortium was re-named as INDEST-AICTE Consortium in December 2005 with the AICTE playing a pivotal role in enrolling its approved engineering colleges and institutions as members of the Consortium for selected e-resources at much lower rates of subscription. IIT Delhi is also the headquarters of the Joint Project of INDEST & INFLIBNET under NME-ICT for Cross-subscription of e-resources, entitled National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content (NLIST) .


  • Subscribe electronic resources to members at discounted rates
  • Impart training to users and librarians
  • Increase interaction b/w institutes and other consortia
  • Increase scientific productivity – quality and quantity
  • Help new institutes make right choice for e-resources

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