IndCat: Objectives: Standard Bibliographic Formats and Features

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IndCat | Online Union Catalogue of Indian Universities - Books, Theses, Serials | NET Paper 1
IndCat Online Union
  • The development of Union Databases of various library resources i.e.. Books, Theses and Serials have been one of the most important activities of the Centre since its inception. In the beginning, the Centre has funded potential universities of the country for creating bibliographic records of their library collections.
  • Currently IndCat has more than 95.93 lakhs Unique Bibliographic Records of Book, Thesis and Serial Databases, out of which
  • Book Database has 95,06, 960 Unique Records of 189 Indian universities
  • These Database has 4,39, 101 Unique Ph. D Records of 443 Universities
  • Serial Database has 35,234 Records of 229 Institutions.
  • The University Grants Commission (UGC) , on recommendation of the INFLIBNET Centre, had given financial aid to 142 universities during IX Plan period and 24 universities during IX/XII Plan periods for automation of their libraries with software and training support from the INFLIBNET Centre.


  • It provides the records in standard bibliographic formats i.e.. MARC, MARCXML.
  • IndCat is a major source of bibliographic information that can be used for Inter-Library Loan, Collections Development as well as for Copy Cataloguing and Retro-Conversion of bibliographic records.
  • To promote use of union catalogue among user communities.
  • To archive bibliographic records of various institutions, universities and research organization.
  • To ensure uninterrupted 24 x 7 x 365 online access to all the records stored in the database.
  • To help researcher in their research work by providing platform to search related literature; and
  • To serve the user with its inbuilt inter library loan feature.


  • Supports simple and advanced searches using Boolean operators.
  • SOLR-indexed based faceted search.
  • Serves as a virtual catalogue for universities by restricted the search to a single university.
  • By default, a typical search is covers entire union catalogue; searches can also be restricted to a group of universities or universities in a state.
  • Browse interface facilitates users to explore the union databases alphabetically by subject category, by name of the university or chronologically by years; and
  • Link to full-text theses in Shodhganga.
  • Download records in standard bibliographic format i.e.. MARC and MARCXML.

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