NIRF Ranking 2019 YouTube Lecture Handouts: Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Law, Architecture

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NIRF Ranking 2019 - Higher Education

Ranking Parameters

A Ranking Parameters
  • Scopus (Elsevier Science) and Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics) were used for retrieving publications and citation data. Derwent Innovation was used for retrieving data on patents.
A Ranking Parameters Two
A Ranking Parameters Three

Changes in 2019 Ranking

  • Citations have been normalized by number of faculty in overall, engineering, pharmacy and medical categories
  • Number of papers that appeared in the top 25 percentile of cited papers in the world (instead of India) for a given discipline was taken as sub-parameter for evaluating “Research and Professional Practice”
  • Number of beds in a medical institutions/colleges has also been incorporated as a sub-parameter for “Footprints of Professional Practice” for ranking of Medical institutions
  • In addition to normalizing publications, citations have also been normalized by number of faculty in Overall, Engineering, Pharmacy and Medical categories, from this year onwards;
  • Article published in 50 journals identified by Financial Times (FT50) is incorporated as an additional sub-parameter of RP for ranking of Management institutes

Overall Ranking (Total Ranking for 100)

The a Overall Ranking

University Ranking (Total Ranking for 100)

The a University Ranking

Engineering (Total Ranking for 200)

A Engineering (Total Ranking for 200)
  • Engineering colleges from Telangana shine in NIRF rankings – 16 in top 200
  • VIT – topped in private and self financed category

Management (Total Ranking for 75)

A Management, Total Ranking for 75

Pharmacy (Total Ranking for 75)

A Pharmacy Total Ranking for 75

College Rankings (Total Ranking for 100)

A College Rankings Total Ranking for 100

Medical Colleges (Total Ranking for 30)

A Medical Colleges Total Ranking for 30

Law (Total Ranking for 15)

A Law Total Ranking for 15

Architecture (Total Ranking for 30)

A Architecture Total Ranking for 30

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