Principles of Development Continuous Process YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Title: Principles of Development

Principles of Development

Development is a Continuous Process

  • Development is a continuous process from conception to death.
  • Even maturity has been attained, development does not end.
Development is a Continuous Process

Principle of Development Direction

Cephalocaudal Sequence

  • Every human being develops from head to feet.
  • The child gains control of the head first, then the arms and then the legs.

Proximodistal Sequence

Development occurs from central portion of the body to the outer parts.

Principle of Individual Difference

Principle of Individual Difference

Principle of Maturation and Learning

If a child is keen to learn something but lacks maturation then he will not be able to learn it.

Development Proceeds from General to Specific

Young children see only the whole until they are mature enough to be able to focus on the parts of the whole.

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