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Shiksha Vani by CBSE - App, Podcast, CBSE Updates - NET Paper 1 Important Topics Higher Education
  • The Shiksha Vani is initiated to keep the students, parents and teachers updated about the latest news and events of the CBSE. The podcast is bound to boost transparency in the system, in turn, increasing efficiency.
  • The App, Shiksha Vani, is at present available on the google play store for downloading.
  • Easy availability of up to-date information regarding educational tools and initiatives can improve outcomes, and that is the reason why the Board constantly endeavors to be in touch with its stakeholders
  • It is expected that the CBSE school՚s fraternity shall utilize this podcast facility to inform themselves of authentic and latest information and guidelines of the Board on Academic and Training Initiatives, Examinations and other important areas and procedures


  • Gives uniform directions to all its affiliated schools.
  • Spread information during relevant events such as evaluation of exam answer sheet, declaration of result etc.
  • Broadcast official information about the evaluation as the podcast is said to promote zero-error policy for evaluation.
  • Less time consuming and extremely engaging as compared to written information or circulars.
  • CBSE-Shiksha Vani is available on Play Store for Android phone users. After downloading it from the Play Store and installing it, members can effortlessly receive the audio/video information files on their cell phones almost instantaneously as and when uploaded by the Board. It may be noted that all podcasts related to confidential processes, such as exams, shall be available only to relevant stakeholders.

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