Tolman՚s Theory of Learning Education YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Tolman՚s Theory of Learning Education


Edward Chace Tolman
  • Given by Edward Chace Tolman.
  • He was an American psychologist gave the concept of sign learning.
  • This Theory is also known as “Sign Learning” or “Sign Gestalt Learning Theory” .

According to Tolman

  • Learning is always purposive and goal oriented.
  • Tolman is considered as cognitive behaviorist.
  • Reinforcement was not necessary for learning to occur.
  • Learning is not S-R mechanism but S-S mechanism.

Tolman՚s Maze Experiment

Tolman՚s Maze Experiment
  • Group 1 (Rewarded)
  • Group 2 (Delayed Reward)
  • Group 3 (No Reward)

Features of this Theory

  • Latent Learning
  • Molar Approach
  • Cognitive Map

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