Vidwan: Vidwan Categories, Expert, Information Captured and Strategy

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VIDWAN: Expert Database and National Researcher’S Network | NTA NET Paper 1

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  • Vidwan: Expert Database and National Researcher’s Network is the premier database of profiles of scientists / researchers and other faculty members working in leading academic institutions and other R & D organisations involved in teaching and research in India. It provides important information about expert’s background, contact address, skills and accomplishments. The database is developed and maintained by Information and Library Network Centre with the financial support from the National Mission on Education through ICT. It offers research profiles of experts in various subjects from Nation’s leading institutions. Web enabled interface facilitate search and browsing of profiles of experts on parameters such as name, designation, institution, specialization, state, etc. VIDWAN is committed to excellence and value.

  • Experts can provide a link to textbooks, articles and other additional material available on their website.

Vidwan Categories

Vidwan Categories

Vidwan Categories

  • Quickly and conveniently provide information about experts to peers, prospective collaborators, funding agencies, policy makers and research scholars in the country.

  • Establish communication directly with the experts who possess the expertise needed by users.

  • Identify peer reviewers for articles and research proposals.

  • Create information exchanges and networking opportunities among scientists.

  • Discover prospective collaborators for on-going research projects.

  • Create information exchanges and networking opportunities among scientists.

  • Showcase their contributions to the peers group and funding agency.

Vidwan Expert

  • The expert should have a post-graduate/doctorate degree in their respective subject with 15 years of professional experience.

  • Should have worked as an Associate Professor / Senior Scientist or equivalent position in teaching, research.

  • Recipient of national/international honors, awards or citation laureates.

Vidwan – Information Accounted

Vidwan – Information Captured

Vidwan – Information Captured

Information for expert database

Vidwan – Strategy

Vidwan – Strategy

Vidwan – Strategy

The database contains profiles of the subject experts from various domains from institutions covering R & D organisations, central universities, state universities, technical institutes and colleges, etc. Further, every expert whose profile is available in the database, has been provided login IDs and passwords with a persistent URL enabling them to update their profiles.

Research Scholar

  • Provides support to find mentors or advisors for their research in their respective domain.

  • Helps scholars to locate courses in their subject interests and research focus of the departments and organizations.

  • Provides scholarly metadata related to research interests of faculty members, research focus of the departments and organizations.


  • Supports faculty members to showcase their research contributions to the peer group.

  • Provides more significant exposure of their research contributions to the international community and brings funding opportunities from the national and international agencies.

  • Improve the research metadata quality and reduce repetitive data entry for different assessment system

IRINS: Indian Research Information Network System

IRINS is web-based Research Information Management (RIM) service provided by the Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) Centre, An Inter-University Centre of University Grants Commission, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The portal facilitates the academic, R&D organisations and faculty members, scientists to collect, curate and showcase the scholarly communication activities and provide an opportunity to create a scholarly network. The IRINS is available as free software-as-service to the academic and R&D organisations in India.

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