VidyaDaan 2.0 Vidhya Mitra: VidyaDaan 2.0 and Get Involved

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Vidhya Mitra

Vidhya Mitra
  • The INFLIBNET Centre has developed a web-based interface called “Vidya-Mitra: Integrated e-Content Portal” for all e-content projects, developed/funded under the National Mission of Education through ICT. There are more than 50 projects on e-content under NME-ICT which are developed/being developed in various subject disciplines (science, arts, engineering, social science, etc.) through various Indian institutes/universities/colleges
  • The portal provides facility to search and browse all hosted content wherein a learner can easily access the desired material including audio/video learning material, textual material, multimedia-enriched materials etc. through a single interface. Moreover, features of faceted search, usage statistics, project-wise access, My-Space are incorporated in this portal.
  • Content of 35 + project has been uploaded in the platform. More content from different projects are being uploaded including NPTEL, e-PG Pathshala NCERT, etc. Metadata enriched e-content have been stored with appropriate subject descriptors.
    • Arts, Humanities & Languages
    • Engineering and Technology
    • Physical & Basic Sciences
    • Medical and Health Sciences
    • Life Sciences
    • Social Sciences
    • Secondary and Senior Secondary

VidyaDaan 2.0

  • The programme brings together academicians and organisations to develop and contribute fun and engaging e-learning content aligned to the curriculum. Contributors can contribute a variety of e-learning content in the form of explanatory videos, animations, teaching videos, lesson plans, assessments and question banks in the prescribed format.
  • The Diksha Platform of MHRD has been operating since September 2017 with 30 + States/UTs leveraging DIKSHA for augmenting teaching and learning processes. With the unprecedented crisis due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus and Covid-19 impacting upon school and higher education in many different ways, it is the right time and opportunity for all user states/UTs to strengthen their e- learning content for school and higher education on DIKSHA and leverage its potential use by students and teachers of your states/UTs.
  • He said that the content will be used on the DIKSHA app to help millions of children across the country to continue their learning anytime and anywhere.
  • VidyaDaan has a content contribution tool that provides a structured interface for the contributors to register and contribute different types of content (such as, explanation videos, presentations, competency-based items, quizzes etc.) , for any grade (from grade 1 to 12) , for any subject as specified by the states/UTs.

Get Involved - VidyaDaan 2.0

  • Who can contribute? Individuals or organizations that have good quality e-learning resources are welcome to contribute to the VidyaDaan program.
  • Individuals as contributors. If you are an individual who has quality e-learning content, you can contribute towards VidyaDaan as an individual contributor. If you are part of an organization, your organization may reach out to you to contribute through the organization.
  • Organizations as contributors. If you are a School, a DIET, an NGO, an institution or a private organization, you can come forward and contribute to the VidyaDaan program.
  • What can I contribute? You can contribute e-learning resources against specific content needs put out by Centre/State/UT organizations in the form of their “Projects” .
  • Your contributions should be against the specific textbooks and content types defined in a project.
  • The e-learning resources can be in the form of videos (mp4) , pdfs. You can also contribute questions using tools provided on this portal.

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