Zen of Learning: Edgar Dales Cone of Experience YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Zen of Learning: Edgar Dales Cone of Experience- 90% of What You Do is Remembered|Teaching Aptitude

Title: Zen of Learning

Edgar Dale՚s Cone of Experience

  • Read
  • Hear
  • View Images
  • Watch Videos
  • Attend Exhibition/Sites
  • Watch a Demonstration
  • Participate in Hands-On-Workshops
  • Design Collaborative Lessons
  • Simulate, Model, or Experience a Lesson
  • Design/Perform a Presentation – “Do the Real Thing”

10 % of What They Read

20 % of what they HEAR

30 % of What They See

50 % of What They See and Hear

70 % of What They Say and Write

90 % of what they DO

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