Audio-Lingual Method: The Method, Background, Drills and Features

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The Method

  • Grammar translation method and Direct method- European contributions
  • Audio-lingual method- USA
  • 1st language teaching method with sources from Linguistics and Psychology
  • Army method
  • Army Specialized Training Programme (ASTP)
  • Nelson Brooks- Audio-lingual method
  • Other names –
  • Aural- Oral method
  • Mim-Mem Method


  • Behaviorist theory
  • World war II


  • All four skills are important but spoken form is given priority
  • Grammar is not taught directly
  • Pattern practice
  • Memorization of dialogues, Imitative repetition
  • Mother tongue is not completely restricted

Roles of Teacher and Student

  • Teacher – Comander
  • Student - Soldier


  • Repetition
  • Inflection
  • Substitution
  • Completion
  • Transformation

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