Beginning of Elt: English Lacked Necessary Skills, English Institutes and Modified Versions

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  • Indian students of English lacked necessary skills
  • Structural syllabus – Jean Forrester
  • David Horsburgh

English Institutes

  • Central Institute of English … Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages
  • 2 regional institutes
    • Bangalore
    • Chandigarh
  • Teachers for secondary and tertiary level
  • All India Council for Secondary Education
  • 1957 – National Conference
  • Supported Structural syllabus
  • British ELT experts – F. L Billows, J. G Broughton

Modified Versions

  • Block Graded Syllabus
  • Energized Structural Syllabus
  • Structural- Oral- Situational- Reading Syllabus


1. Which British expert dedicated his whole life to ELT in India?

A. David Horsburgh

B. Broughton

C. John Baldwin

D. David Ruthwell

Answer: A. David Horsburgh

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