Principles of Romantic Drama: The Predecessors of the Drama English YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Principles of Romantic Drama

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The Origin of Drama

  • Introduction
  • Mystery plays,
  • Miracle plays,
  • Morality plays
  • mid of 15th century
  • The Interludes
  • Romantic Drama
  • Elizabethan Drama X Classical Drama
The Origin of Drama

Principles of Classic Drama

Based on the teachings of Aristotle, Latin poet Seneca

1. Unity of Subject and tone

Maintain the spheres of tragedy and comedy entirely separate

2. Little or no dramatic action

Set narratives

3. The three unities of time, place and action controlled the construction

The entire story confined to a single day, single scene, single story (no subplots or minor episodes)

Romantic Drama

  • The free use of variety in theme and tone - blending comic, tragic elements
  • Drama of action
    • Employs both action and narrative
    • Everything that happens is represented on the stage

Elizabethan Drama

  • Repudiates the three unities - the story can extend over months/years, allowing change of scenes, introducing subplots, minor episodes
    • Emergence of the ‘romantic’ form of drama
    • Achievement of Shakespeare՚s immediate predecessors


1. Classical Principles dealt with

A. Variety of tones

B. Maintain the spheres of tragedy and comedy entirely separate

C. Variety of themes

D. Full of actions

2. Classical Principles based on

A. Aristotle

B. Senecan model

C. Pluto

D. A &B

3. Romantic drama used

A. Set Narrative

B. Maintain the spheres of tragedy and comedy entirely separate

C. Mixture of Tragedy and Comedy

D. No variety of tone and theme


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