The Direct Method: Similar Methods and Successful Method, Features

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  • Need for the development of oral skills
  • Natural method or Direct method

Similar Methods

  • Reform method
  • Psychological method
  • Series method
  • Phonetic method
  • Natural method

Successful Method

  • Berlitz school
  • Alliance Francoise
  • Goethe Institute


  • Mother tongue is prohibited
  • Speaking is important than written form
  • Grammar is not taught directly
  • Teaching aids, miming and gestures
  • Natural learning
  • English for instruction and communication

Target Language

English through English


  • Question Answer Exercise
  • Dictation
  • Reading aloud
  • Student self-correction
  • Conversation practice
  • Paragraph writing


1. English to English is a method of teaching in

A. Grammar translation method

B. Natural method

C. Silent method

D. Suggestopedia

Answer: B. Natural Method

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