The English Teacher-R. K. Narayan (Summary and Analysis) English Literature YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Title: The English Teacher- R. K. Narayan (Summary and Analysis)

The English Teacher by R.K.Narayan (Summary and Analysis) | English Literature

The English Teacher

  • 1945
  • It is a part of a series of novels and collections of short stories set in “Malgudi” .
  • The English Teacher was preceded by Swami and Friends (1935) , The Bachelor of Arts (1937)
  • followed by Mr. Sampath – The Printer of Malgudi.
  • Dedicated to Narayan՚s wife Rajam
  • Autobiographical but also painful in its intensity of feeling.
  • experiences in the life of Krishna, an English teacher, and his quest for inner peace and self-development.


  • Krishna – Central character
  • Susila – Krishna՚s wife
  • Leela – Krishna՚s daughter
  • Headmaster


  • Krishna - English teacher at Albert Mission College
  • Susila – wife
  • Leela – child
  • Search for new house
  • Susila՚s illness – dirty lavatory- typhoid
  • Susila passes away


1. In which college Krishna works as a lecturer?

A. Krishna College

B. Mother Teresa College

C. Albert Mission College

2. The English Teacher novel is dedicated to

A. Rajam

B. Susila

C. Leela

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