The University Wits and Christopher Marlowe: The Biography of Christopher Marlowe

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The University Wits

(wits its means intelligent)

  • These young men were associated with oxford and Cambridge

  • Did much to found the Elizabethan school of drama

  • They were all more rless acquainted with each other

Those Men

  • George peeled Robert Greene

  • Thomas lodge

  • Christopher Marlowe

  • Thomas Nash

  • Thomas kyd

  • Lyly

The Biography of Christopher Marlowe

  • Father - john Marlowe (shoemaker)

  • Mother Catherine

  • Baptism date - 26 feb 1564

  • Education - at kings school Canterbury ba at Cambridge (1584)

  • Ma (1587)

Secret Agent (Spy)

  • No direct evidence supports this theory, but the councils letter clearly suggests that Marlowe was serving the government in some secret capacity

  • After ma Marlowe moved to London and took up writing as full time

His Life Drawback

  • His sudden death

  • His death is mystery

His Perfection and Variety of Scope Have Strong Influence in the Dramatic Works

Therefore, he rightly called as:

  • Father of English tragedy drama

  • Morning star of English tragedy drama

  • The creator of English verse

  • Ben Johnson coined the phrase

  • “ Marlowe’s mighty line

His Works

  • Tragedy of dido ,queen of cartage

  • Tamburlaine

  • Jew of Malta

  • Doctor Faustus

  • Edward -2

  • Massacre at Paris

  • (unfinished work)


  • The passionate shepherd to his love

  • Hero and Leander

  • (unfinished work)