Pair of Words: Meaning and Sentence from Wreck, Wreak to Yew

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List of Pair of Words: W to Y


Meaning: to destroy or badly damage something

Sentence: Our greenhouse was wrecked in last night’s storm.


Meaning: to cause something to happen in a violent and often uncontrolled way Sentence: The recent storms have wreaked havoc on crops.


Meaning: a person who experiences something unpleasant

Sentence: A gentleman said that a week ago he was the wretch in the county, but now saved.


Meaning: to be happy to do something if it is needed

Sentence: You said you needed a volunteer - well, I’m willing.


Meaning: said or done deliberately or intentionally

Sentence: Willful killing is a grave breach.


Meaning: covered in water or another liquid

Sentence: My bike got wet in the rain.


Meaning: to increase someone’s interest in and wish for something

Sentence: I’ve read an excerpt of the book on the Web and it’s whetted my appetite.


Meaning: an evergreen tree with flat leaves like needles and small red cones, or the wood from this tree

Sentence: There is little sound except for the breeze stirring in the churchyard yew trees.