Competitive Exams: Word List: Vocabulary G

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Word List: G

  • gainsay: To deny, declare false, to oppose
  • gambol: Quick, playful jumping
  • garment: Article of clothing
  • garner: To gather and save; to store up
  • garrulity: Talkativeness
  • garrulous: Too talkative
  • gaucherie: Socially awkward, tactless behavior
  • germane: Relevant; pertinent to
  • gist: The point, general sense
  • glean: Gather facts in small quantities
  • glib: Ready and smooth but not sincere
  • gloat over: Look at with selfish delight
  • glut: Supply to much, fill to excess
  • gnaw: Waste away; bite steadily
  • goad: Smth urging a person to action
  • gossamer: Soft, light, delicate material
  • gouge: Tool for cutting grooves in wood
  • grace: Favor
  • grave: Serious, requiring consideration
  • gregarious: Living in societies; liking the company
  • grievance: Cause for complaint or protest
  • grievous: Causing grief or pain; serious, dire, grave
  • grimace: Twisted expression of a face
  • grind: Crush, polish
  • grooves: Long channel in the surface, habitual way of living
  • grovel: Crawl, humble oneself
  • guile: Deceit, cunning
  • guileless: Straight-forward, candid
  • gull: Cheat, deceive
  • gullible: Easily gulled
  • gust: Outburst of feeling; sudden rain, wind, fire, etc.
  • gainsay: To contradict; to deny. Gamut: The whole range or sequence. Garrulous: Given to constant trivial talking. Germane: Relevant.
  • gesticulate: To make gestures or motions, as in speaking, or in place of speech. Glimmer: A faint, wavering, unsteady light. Gossamer: Flimsy.
  • gourmand: A connoisseur in the delicacies of the table.
  • grandiloquent: Speaking in or characterized by a pompous or bombastic style. Gregarious: Sociable, outgoing grievous: Creating affliction. Guile: Duplicity.
  • gullible: Credulous.

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