EIA Methodologies: Five Types of Methodology and Types of Ad Hoc Method

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EIA methodology -Structural approach devised to identify and predict value changes of a project action.

Five Types of Methodology

  • Ad Hoc
  • Checklists
  • Matrices
  • Networks
  • Overlays

Ad Hoc Method

depends on the expertise, background and experience of experts.

Types of Ad Hoc Method

  • Opinion Poll
  • Expert Opinion
  • Delphi method


Types of Checklists

  • Simple Checklist
  • Descriptive Checklists
  • Scaling Checklist
  • Scaling Weighing Checklist
  • Questionnaire Checklist
  • Simple Checklist- consists of list of environmental parameters but information is not required
  • Descriptive Checklist- adds background information to each chosen impacts
  • Scaling Checklist- Subjective scaling of the impacts on environmental parameters is given
  • Scaling Weighing checklist- Importance is given to specific parameter and evaluate Parameter Importance Value for the environmental components and parameter

Ex- Battelle Columbus Environment Evaluation System

Questionnaire Checklist- prepared on the basis of questions for Public consultation

Matrix Method

  • Grid like two-dimensional checklist where one axis displays project activities and the other displays the environmental characteristics
  • Example- Leopold Matrix
  • Type of matrix method which consists of 100 project actions and 88 environmental characteristics. A total of 8800 interactions are created.

Network Method

Gives the pathway in which an impact has occurred by using a series of chains between the proposed action and receptor of impact

Overlay Method

Uses set of transparent maps which describe the spatial distribution of an environmental characteristics

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which among the following depends on the expertise, background and experience of experts?

  1. Questionnare Method
  2. Ad Hoc Method
  3. Checklist Method
  4. Leopold Matrix

Answer: b

2. Which among the following is the simplest EIA methodology?

  1. Network Method
  2. Battelle Columbus Method
  3. EIA Methodology
  4. Overlay Method

Answer: d

3. How many interactions are there in Leopold Matrix?

  1. 88
  2. 100
  3. 8800
  4. 78

Answer: c

4. In which among the following method environmental parameters are given but no background information is provided?

  1. Simple Checklist
  2. Descriptive Checklist
  3. Checklist Method
  4. Battelle Columbus method

Answer: a

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