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Youth and Terrorism

The first word that comes to mind when one hears the word youth is ebullience, enthusiasm and energy.

The energetic youth, the so called future of country are like the juvenile stage of river which is full of flow and exuberance. And gradually slows down as it meets the ocean in its mature stage. Similarly, the youth grows up to face the world and look towards the challenges which emphasizes more on experience rather than amateur talented youths. Both river and youth can be tapped for advantages and thus can be used as excellent corporeal. But to tap the best potential of today՚s youth is not an easy task, as they think that they are mature enough and best in the world.

The main issue of concern today is that the talent and energy of the youth is getting vulnerable and easily plundered.

Acts of terrorism underscore the urgent need to promote peace, particularly initiated by youth as they are talented, intelligent and lifeline of the nation.

Unfortunately today some youths are diverted towards anti social activities by the destroyers of the future or the anti-social agents. There is an urgent need to chalk out the major reasons that attracts the intelligent and potential youth of the nation. Is it money? Is it a better living? Or is it just revenge?

The major reasons are

They want some excitement As the case of Ajamal Kasab convict of 26⧵11 Mumbai terror attack

They are not equipped with most powerful tool which a human being can have i.e.. . knowledge and studies.

Some people may argue that even talented engineer, doctors and many philanthropist even resorts to this anti human act. Answer to that questions are as follows, they equip themselves with all the technology so that they can carry forward their mission. Which has been handed over to them after telling them the fake stories that if they would do these activities then so called jihad mission would be completed or God would become happy. Since when they are juvenile, they are flooded with feelings which are antagonist to humanity. But the darker side of the image is that they are taught that this is the best way to persuade God.

Terrorism has taken several forms today it is not just by creating terror in between people by planting bombs, but also today cyber terrorism, bio terrorism and space terrorism are also present to steal away sleep of the common man. All these types of terrorism are blessed by constant support and major participation of youths. So how these practices can be ended or at least stopped. People would say that government should keep eye on these activities. But it is not possible for any country to keep eye on its own progeny. It is only active participation from common people that can reduce such activities and the day on which this thing would happen the famous maxim by respected late PM Shri Lal Bahaduri Sashtri would attain its global recognition.


Also madarssa education system should also be checked, youth especially in their salad days should be given proper attention. And the when these thing would happen every slum dog would become millionaire and not terrorist.


Copyright: Vipul Pandey